Master Your Own Accounting

Managing the accounting for your small business is critical so that you have a firm grasp of where your income is coming from and where it's going. Many businesses would rather have an outside accountant or CPA firm handle this for them. Helping businesses with their accounting and taxes is one of the main services provided by the accounting firm Calypso Breeze Consulting located in Fort Pierce and Key West, Florida.

Another service offered by Calypso Breeze Consulting is to educate small business clients about accounting so that they can take a more proactive role in managing their finances. I want you to understand the financial part of your business. You may still wish to have outside help with balancing your books, dispensing tax advice and preparing tax returns. But when you understand more about accounting procedures and practices, you will be more educated when speaking with your accountant and able to ask more informed questions about your finances.

Carolyn Ball, CPA of Calypso Breeze Consulting, has 16+ years of experience as a CPA. You'll know you are learning to account from an expert in the field.

An Accounting Education Second to None

Accounting Education 2024As the owner of a concierge CPA firm in Florida, I have been helping businesses throughout Florida and the Keys with their accounting and taxes for over a decade. I am familiar with state and U.S. tax laws as well as rules and regulations regarding accounting best practices.

With 32 years of professional experience, including business ownership prior to starting Calypso Breeze Consulting, I know what you need to know to manage your company's finances.

When I work with your company, I respect your time. This is why I come out to you whenever we need to meet to go over your finances or taxes. My on-site accounting and tax services set me above my competitors in Florida. Also, when you call with a question, you'll be talking to me rather than a secretary or associate.

Your Partner in Financial Success

I strive to achieve relationships with my clients to that I understand what they need.

I have spent 32 years in various professional settings and as a licensed CPA, I have the background to help you maximize your resources.

I provide a menu of services for you to choose from, from tax and accounting services, to business consulting to QuickBooks Advanced ProAdvisor training.