Making Your LLC Taxes Simple

Taxes for a LLC, or limited liability company, are potentially more complicated than for other types of businesses. LLCs can be organized for tax purposes as a sole-proprietorship, partnership, S-corporation or C corporation. The selection of tax status is important and will drive future business structure and decisions.

When you have Calypso Breeze Consulting on your side, you will have access to the experience and knowledge necessary to analyze the tax impact of financial decisions. You'll also have the benefit of a CPA with 12 years of when it comes to correctly prepare your LLC tax returns.

The accurate and timely filing of taxes is critical for all owners of the LLC. Calypso Breeze Consulting will ensure prompt service through concierge accounting and tax services that are tailored to your company.

Why You Need Calypso Breeze Consulting

LLC Taxes 2024Carolyn Ball, CPA is the owner of Calypso Breeze Consulting Inc. As a CPA with 16+ years of experience in this field, you will have my expertise on the side of your business. I offer services that are critical to your company's financial soundness and security.

My 32 years of professional experience before becoming a CPA included previous experience as a business owner and farm manager. As a result of my own experience, I founded a concierge CPA service that builds on client relationships and specific client needs when it comes to your finances and taxes.

I am unique and stand above the crowd of certified public accountants in South Florida and the Keys because I provide on-site services and I do not employ staff. My clients work directly with me. And most important, I realize your time is valuable, which is why I come to you.

I have worked for many small businesses and farms in Northeast Florida, South Florida, and the Keys. As a CPA, I am well versed in all tax laws and their impact on different types of companies including LLC businesses.

My mission is to deliver tax and accounting services that are accurate, efficient and timely, so you have the information that you need in your hands when you need it. Don't try to navigate the minefield of LLC taxes on your own when you could have my expertise on your side.

Concierge CPA and Tax Services

Your time is valuable, so I don't make you waste it in my waiting room. I come to you to deliver my concierge CPA services.

When you hire Calypso Breeze Consulting, you gain the benefit of my meticulously accurate accounting and tax services in a timely manner.

Beyond your LLC taxes, I can handle allyour accounting needs including QuickBooks training.