Serving Your S-Corporation Tax Needs

Because S-corporations have different tax advantages over some other forms of business organization, they are fairly common in the United States. The Sub-S tax status is frequently used as an organizational structure for small businesses.

Small businesses are the most common clients that Carolyn Ball, CPA sees at Calypso Breeze Consulting, so she has plenty of experience at helping S-corporations with their taxes. This form of business has many advantages and some disadvantages, and she can help your company navigate them.

There are certain rules that need to be followed to obtain and retain Sub-S corporate status, and I have the experience and knowledge to assist with making sure you are compliant. As a CPA licensed by the State of Florida, I amknowledgeable about federal and state tax laws and the latest changes and updates.

The Calypso Breeze Advantage

Sub S Taxes 2024You undoubtedly have a lot of time and money invested in your small business, so you want to make sure you have all your accounting numbers and taxes in order. This protects your S-corporation status and helps you remain compliant with federal and state tax laws.

At Calypso Breeze Consulting, I provide concierge CPA services that are tailored to your needs. This includes understanding the structure of S-corporations and the related tax requirements and forms that need to be accurately and timely filed.

Beyond helping with your taxes, I can assist your company in other ways. I have been a CPA in the State of Florida for 12 years and have 32 years of professional experience and Masters’ Degrees in Accounting, Education, and Business Administration. All of this gives me tremendous insight to offer in the form of business consulting and other financial services.

I make it my mission to be accurate and efficient when providing my accounting and tax services. I also go out of my way to respect the value of your time as a business owner, which is why I come to you to provide on-site service.

Personal and Practical CPA Services

My services are personalized for your business and its tax and accounting needs.

I am always striving to provide quality service that is accurate and timely.

As a CPA in Florida, I'm familiar with state as well as federal tax and accounting requirements.