Professional Tax Assistance for Partnerships

If you are in business as a partnership, you need to ensure that your accounting and tax filings are accurate. Calypso Breeze Consulting will become your financial partner when you utilize their accounting and tax advice and preparation services. Carolyn Ball, CPA of Calypso Breeze Consulting and has 16+ years of experience as a CPA in the State of Florida.

When you organize your business as a partnership, it's critical that you keep track of all your company's finances to determine the obligations, income and expenses of each partner. Partnerships require a Return of Partnership Income (Form 1065) to be filed with the IRS and a Florida Partnership Information Return (Form F-1065) with the State of Florida.

As a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Florida, I am knowledgeable about federal and state tax laws as they apply to various types of businesses including partnerships. You don't want disorganized finances to come between you and any of your business partners, especially when determining tax liability among the partners.

How Calypso Breeze Consulting Can Help

Partnership Taxes 2024To simplify your company's finances and make tax time easier, you want a CPA who will be your proactive tax partner. By offering concierge CPA services that include tax preparation and advice, I can help you manage your tax liability by advising about the tax consequences of major financial decisions.

When we meet to go over your accounting and taxes, you'll be glad to know that I respect your time by coming to you. On-site service is just one of the ways that Calypso Breeze Consulting sets itself above the competition in South Florida and the Keys.

I stress delivering value to clients by being as accurate and timely as possible with any financial and tax information you need so that you can make informed decisions for your business. As a CPA for 12 years in the State of Florida, I have provided concierge CPA services and have experience preparingfederal and state partnership tax forms for clients in Florida.

I realize the importance of being proactive when it comes to advising on taxes. If you have any questions about the different tax liabilities between various financial decisions you're making, feel free to contact me. I will quickly answer any questions you may have, and you'll know that whenever you communicate with Calypso Breeze Consulting, you'll be dealing with Carolyn Ball, CPA every time.

Personalized Accounting and Tax Services

I come to your business for any meetings, and I respond to questions quickly.

With 32 years of professional experience and 12 of that as a CPA, I know how to listen to what business owners need and what they want to know.

Calypso Breeze Consulting also offers financial advice, accounting and QuickBooks training and business start-up services.