Expert Corporate Tax Help

Corporate taxes are an excellent reason to have an experienced CPA, such as Carolyn Ball of Calypso Breeze Consulting, in your corner. As a CPA who is licensed in the State of Florida, I am familiar with state and federal tax laws and how they will affect your company. Corporations organized or foreign registered in the State of Florida are required to file both federal and state income tax returns.

Accurately analyzing the tax consequences of any financial decisions of your corporation is extremely important. This is where you can benefit from my 16+ years of experience as a concierge CPA. I have done financial analyses for numerous small businesses that included corporate tax considerations.

Accurately preparing corporate tax returns is also one of my specialties. When it comes to the IRS, no one wants to take any chances. When you hire me, you can be confident that your situation and tax returns are analyzed and prepared by a CPA who is knowledgeable in this field.

The Calypso Breeze Consulting Difference

Combining the Personal and Practical

Corporate Taxes 2024As an experienced CPA who has also run businesses, I have insight into what information small business owners need to make the right decisions when trying to grow their business.

I pride myself on being accurate and efficient when handling your corporate taxes and other accounting work. I am your partner in helping you keep your finances in order, so you can stay focused on serving your customers.

Corporate taxes can be complicated, which is why you don't want to try to prepare and file your own tax returns or examine the tax repercussions of major decisions on your own. This is where my knowledge will shine, so you that YOU can do what YOU do best.

At Calypso Breeze Consulting, it's all about customer service. I come to you whenever we need to meet or to discuss any matters of concern. My on-site service sets me apart from many would-be competitors.

Don't let just anyone handle all aspects of your corporate taxes. As a licensed CPA in the State of Florida, I am required to be up to date on the latest tax laws, and I believe in serving clients in an efficient and timely manner.

Personalized Concierge CPA Services

With 32 years of professional experience and 12 years as a CPA, you'll have the experience you need on your side.

I have the expertise to prepare your corporate taxes and analyze the tax consequences of major decisions.

I come to you because I know you are busy and that your time is valuable.